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"Creating his own music everywhere he goes..."

"Since our son Simon, now 5 years old, has been enrolled in the Music Together program, we have noticed a dramatic change in the way that he responds to and appreciates music. He has grown from absorbing to fully participating in the music experience, by playing instruments, learning new songs and singing them, and creating his own music everywhere he goes. ... His confidence has grown, and we have made wonderful connections with other parents of young children. ... Ms. Karen is a phenomenal Music Together teacher and is very in tune with the individual needs of each of her students. Her sense of humor and fun-loving approach have made each session something our family looks forward to every week. We would strongly recommend this program to any parent or caregiver of young children." ~ Mary & Mike, parents of Simon (age 5 y.)


"My baby's faces lights up..."

"Even at a young age (4 months), my oldest daughter's excitement was evident each time we arrived to class. As soon as she would see Karen, her face would light up!  When the music started, Karen's positive vibe took over the room and surrounded the kids. Now with two girls having gone through Music Together with Ms. Karen for five years, music making is such a part of their daily lives that the transition to private piano lessons has been a joy. Ms. Karen does an amazing job bringing a creative energy to her class, and preparing children for a lifelong journey with music!" 

~ Cristin, mother of Kate and Lucy (ages 8 y. & 5 y.)

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"We keep loving it!"

"My husband and I have been coming to Music Together for 2 years now, first with our son when he was an infant, and now with our toddler son and our new baby! It's just the perfect cure for a Saturday morning, and it carries us through all week long. I use the songs with the kids in all the good and "not-so-good" moments at home, and it really uplifts us all and changes the way things go. We love what Music Together has done for our family and will keep on loving it!" ~ Jen & Max, parents of Will and Lucy (ages 3 y. and 20 m.)